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30 August 2018
DAY 1 - 30 august 2018

Hello, hello,

First day in this new city haha. That’s so weird to be here… But nevermind ! The day have been productive so that’s alright.

During my stay, I am living in a beautiful house with 4 others girls also studying in Groningen since a few years already and they are all Dutch so I don’t understand a word when they aren’t speaking English haha. When I arrived here yesterday night my room what kinda… empty ! Lucky me I have one of my roomie who helps me getting everything so that I can have somewhere to live on my first night. So yes, two weeks ago I was just chilling with friends on holidays when I discovered that my room was an unfurnished one. The kind of news you prefer not to know haha but that’s alright now everything is fixed.

Wooooooow I am already talking too much.

I did order a bed and a bed frame today, it was like THE BIGGEST ORDER of my life. I love give money to my Swedish buddy IKEA. Just kidding. And what an order… seems that I will have to eat pasta for the next 2 months. And as if it wasn’t enough, the second objective of the day was to find a bike. Here if you don’t have one, you’re just lost. All the people are doing everything by bike so, I wanted to get one too. On the opposite of the French habits, here there are just a few people who do have a car. Bikes are the easiest way to move around the city. There are no traffic jam on the roads no, but on the bicycle path there are haha.

So yay that’s it. After spending all of my morning on those things, I worked all the afternoon on my dissertation. Working during holidays when you do have the time isn’t funny. It’s better to work when you know that you will have the courses and also the exams. So much easier…

That was how my day looks like. I do enjoy for the moment. The city seems pretty cool so I cannot wait to see what we’ll be happening next !!

Kiss, xoxo.

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