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Hey you,

First of all, welcome !

If you’re here, on this page, that’s probably because you want to know more about me and get to know who am I, what am I currently doing in my life, what’s the purpose of this blog and so on. Or maybe you just got here by accident but that’s ok, you’re welcome. My blog is what I like to call a lifestyle blog. So here, you’ll be able to find a various content regarding this subject.

No matter what subject interest you the most, here we’ll be talking about series, music, fashion, food and many more…

Welcome to my blog, this sweet little place in which you’ll be able to be yourself ! No matter if you’re a curious person, a food lover or just someone who wants to see beautiful pics.

I opened this little piece of paradise to share, at first, but also because I love writing. I can write about a lot of things, and fun fact : you’ll never see me without a notebook. So this idea of opening my own blog came after my exchange in Singapore. During all the time there, I wrote everyday about my daily life. A little extra that became something I cannot live without anymore. Today, the blog is a part of my life.

I would describe it as a journal, both for you and for me. A journal in which you’ll like to getting lost in order to discover, be inspire… And that’s why we feel so right spending time here. I love writing, taking pics, singing. So as long as I am doing it, I told myself « why not sharing this » ?

My name is Anne, 20 yo, still studying and I’m currently living between Lille and Paris. I’m what you can call a life lover : traveling, cooking, shopping, spending time with friends… all of those things make me happy ! I’m a huge fan of series, chocolate, music and sport. Come and share my daily life, the one of a girl full of life who decided to life life to the fullest !

I started this blog in October 2017 not so sure about this decision and today I don’t regret it at all.

So if you want to follow Anne’s crazy adventures, you’re in the right place. Let’s go ! You also can join a beautiful community while simply clicking here