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Hanze & Anne : episode 1

31 August 2018
DAY 2 - 31 august 2018

Hello hello,

My last post here. Yay I know, my titles aren’t the best… so sorry guys.

New day, new discoveries.

This morning I started my semester in Hanze University as an exchange student. All reunited for this Welcome Day but the woke up at 7 am wasn’t the best part of my day actually. 

Hop hop hop, no time to waste. I did ride my bicycle to go to the university. BIG CHANGE for me. That’s so new to me. Going everywhere with my bike wasn’t my habit at all before ahah. But I’m gonna get used to it.

Anyways, I did get all the details I need and so all the boring things to do in order to live my best life in here. I am also part of a student association here which is called ESN. This is a special association for exchange students in Groningen !

Let the adventure begin !

I just cannot wait to tell you more about this journey. Tonight I do have my first night with the ESN team. Stay tuned !

Kiss, xoxo.

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