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29 August 2018
29 august 2018

Hello, hello !

Such a long time since the last time I came here. To be honest, the last months had been complicated and I had a lot of trouble to stay focus on my blog. Also I wanted to take some time for me and enjoy my holidays !

As an update, I did finish my internship last July and went on holidays with my family ! That was sooooo great, I enjoyed a lot spending time with them ! Also I did work on my thesis, worked a bit, spent time with friends… And we’re here, two months later !

Today is about my departure for Groningen.

As you can see in the title, the exchange that I have been waiting for during 1 year and a half has finally come. Unfortunately, leaving isn’t that easy ahah. I spent a lot of time too much time taking care of stuff that I had to do before leaving.

I am leaving my beautiful country today for the Netherlands. From now on, I will be living in the beautiful city (I hope so) of Groningen in the north of the Netherlands. I will come back only in February !

A beautiful adventure begins and you are coming with me. You will be able to find a new category on the blog in order to talk about my daily life during 5 months (almost 6) in Holland. This is pretty much the same as I already did when I was in Singapore, I will write as much as I can a least once a week. You will also be able to find pictures, hear about experiences I have been through, nice places and so on. The important thing to me is that my posts let you see how is it to live here and maybe you will want to come to visit this place 😉.


Ready ? I hope so because I am !

Kiss, xoxo.

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