Gossip Girl

9 June 2018

Again and again… it looks like an addiction.

Yes I did it again. Yes I started to watch once again this show. Yes, yes, yes. So what ?

– May, 16th 2018, 9.30pm : witching hour –

Helloooooo hello cuties, omg what is this new way of saying hi Anne… Anyway, I’m back today and for the 3rd article of this week. Oh yay, I’m proud of me, I did a pretty good work this week ! Clap clap clap. Well, yes that’s true, I’m clearly loosing it aha but I feels right to ease off on “the pressure”. It’s finally the weekend, and a long one on top of that : thanks Monday for being kind and letting me sleep a lil’bit more !

Wow, wtf is going on here? I need to calm down aha, no one wants to know that much about my life!! I hope you all had a beautiful week. I’m back for a Saturday morning article. I’m currently trying many things in my article in order to find the best way to build them, the best hour to publish them and so on.

Can we get to the topic ? This morning will be about series. I did, in my last article of this category, a comparison of Dynastie and Gossip Girl.

TOP 1 : it is once and for all my favorite series.

Sorry for all the people who didn’t like this series. Yes for sure this is a “girl” series and so whattttttt? Each to his own aha. I can recommend you this series x1000 and if you didn’t watch it at all : what are you waiting for? Are you kidding me?

The story is about a group of teenagers that we will be able to see growing up all along the series. Right in the middle of NY city, they are students in highschool at first, very rich for most, the show let us know about their crazy lives. The characters have very different ways of acting. Between girls fight at the beginning of the show and scandals in public receptions, the series take us in a world far away from ours and we can’t get away of it !!

If I watched this one 4 or 5 times, I can’t get tired of it. So yes, it’s pretty much a teenager show but let’s say that it take you to another universe, the one of the excessiveness but in which we love to imagine ourselves living in.

I don’t really have many words to describe this show more. I invite you to watch it if you never did before.

gossip girl 2

I hope that you like this kind of article, because as far as I am concerned, I love writing them.

Enjoy the weekend,

Kiss, xx.

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